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My name is Ricardo Leon, A.K.A I am a professional children's magician and I offer fun, interactive and entertaining programs for family audiences.
I specialize in making Company Children's Christmas Parties memorable and fun. My clients include elementary schools, childcare centres, and corporations such as The city of London, London Children's Museum, 3M Canda, Siskinds, Delta London Armouries Hotel, CAMI Automotive, London Jewish Community Centre (Hanukkah Celebration) and the London Hunt & Country Club to mention a few. 

So why should you have me entertain at your Company Children's Christmas Party this year? 

"Ricky held the audience, both young and old in the palm of his hand. The interactive format invited everyone to clap, laugh and volunteer enthusiastically, he made our 15th. Birthday Anniversary Especial!" 
Alison Ogilvie 
London International Children's Festival. 

7 Powerful Reasons I Can Help You Make your Event The Best Ever! 

Sure, there are lots of entertainers but none of them even come close to offering such total entertainment package 100% guaranteed. Check it out yourself! 

1. Volunteer From The Audience Will Float In Mid Air - Truly awesome magic that has everyone wondering "how"?
2. Hilarious Audience Participation - Everyone is a part of the show! The magic happens right in the children's hands. 
3. Funny Puppetry - The kids and adults love to see my very funny puppets, It's a riot!. 
4. Music - Yup, the music is part of the magic too, and everyone will be singing along to make the magic happen. 
5. FREE Prizes - Everyone gets a prize! Everyone is a winner! 
6. Storytelling - Behind the magic there's always a message that inspires, motivates and entertains. 
7. A Proven Track Record So You Can Feel Confident!!! - How can you be confident that the person you hire is really good? Every entertainer claims to be good, but that certainly isn't any assurance, is it? The best way to know is by what clients have to say. Here are few comments I have received about my programs: 

"The program was fun and entertaining. The magician involved the audience and engaged the kids in the show. I would recommend this show to any family event to enhance and ad value to your event." 
Carol Carnegie 
Recreation Supervisor, Program Services, City of London 

"Outstanding presentation, we'll book you in summer again" 
Sue Scherer, Manager, Storybook Gardens 

"By including the audience in the show you gave our clients a chance to feel very special. You have made a cold, winter day one to remember." 
Gloria Smith, Regional mental Health Care London. 

100% Guaranteed Results 
If after my program you are not completely satisfied, I respectfully ask that you tear up my cheque. I made this bold guarantee because out the hundreds of programs I've presented no one has ever requested their money back. Once again, I give you this guarantee so you can feel completely confident in you decision to utilize my services 

Three Entertainment packages guaranteed to make your event more fun, more memorable, more incredible, more dynamic and more enjoyable than ever before... 

1. The Ultimate Magic Show (Volunteer will float in midair) 
This is a fully self-contained 45-minute act designed for family audiences and loaded up with comedy, magic, live bunny, puppetry, storytelling, Pongo, the funniest bird puppet on earth, a magical prize for everyone to take home and lots of audience participation. 
For the Grand Finale I will have a volunteer from the audience come up to the stage and have him/her suspended in midair. This big illusion will make your Event really unforgettable. 
The Ultimate Magic Show investment: $650.00+ HST 

2. Walk-Around Magic 
Intimate magic at its finest! Miracles happen right in your guests' hands. You'll hear gasps of amazement and laughter, as your guests are entertained with individual shows. Guaranteed fun! 
Walk-Around Magic Investment: $650 + HST First hour and 250 each additional hour. 

3. Combination Package, "The Whole Enchilada" 
The best of both worlds! This package includes the exciting and fun Super Deluxe Magic Show, as well as one hour the Walk-Around Magic before or after the magic show. 
Combination package Investment: $1,100 +HST 

Diving Fee: A $100-fee will apply only if your event is out of my driving area (London, Ontario) 
Okay, Ricardo, Everything sounds great. Now What? 
Simply pick up the phone and call me at (519) 871-5700 or e-mail me at we can discuss your event in detail. You can ask any questions you have. In fact, I'd really appreciate you calling and letting me know what you think. 

P.S. What my clients say about my show is MUCH more important than what I say. Please read the following "review" of my show and realize that I'll get great results like this for you too... 
P.S.S. My calendar fills up quickly, please call or email us TODAY!!! (519)871-5700 

"Ricky brings an energy and sincere passion for both the magic and the children he entertains (although we adults sure get into it also). His show is highly interactive and the children truly become a part of his show. It is not a typical magic show; it has some twists and turns you don't expect. Also the quality of the magic performed is magnificent and easy to follow so the children don't miss anything 
Amanda Woods CHRP 
Manager Human Resources 
Siskinds The Law Firm 

"The Ricky Magic show was a huge success at our re-opening. Children and adults alike were delighted with Ricardo's tricks, stories, music, and easy humor. Laughter and applause could be heard throughout the entire building as Ricardo wowed the crowd" 
Jennifer Morris 
Facility Program Supervisor 
Stronach Community Recreation Centre 
London Ontario 

"Thank you for entertaining at the Legion Children's Christmas party, all the children enjoyed the show, which is quite an accomplishment since there is quite an age span, I had excellent feed back from the Legion members and all the parents" 
Larry Rodick 
Kids Christmas Chairman 
Royal Canadian Legion 
Branch 55, Woodstock, Ontario. 

David Carruthers, Children's Author, London, Ontario 

"Is an event complete without Ricky Magic? A must see! Adults, kids, everyone will love it." 
Brent Arsenault, St. Joseph's Health Care London 

"Ricardo, I would like to book your Ricky Magic show for our Christmas Party again this year. The response from last year was excellent" 
Alex Riddell 
CAMI Automotive, Ingersoll 

"Thank you for helping to make our picnic a success, the kids young and old enjoyed the show very much" 
Kathleen Reid 
Customer Service Representative 
Department of Pathology University Campus 
London Health Science Centre

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