2. deluxe  party package $525 + HST

In addition to the above package, this entertainment package consists of:

  • Ricky Magic will make your child disappear: Don't worry; it's just a picture of the birthday child. The show is individually tailored. Just imagine the look of your child's face when he/she sees his/her own picture disappear and then reappear on my back. The kids think it's a riot. Ricky Magic makes childs birthday party disappear.
  • 45 Minutes of Amazing Magical Feats: Truly awesome magic that has everyone wondering how?
  • Official Ricky's Magic Wand: Your child will be presented with Ricky's Magic Wand.

1. Basic  party package $500+ HST

This entertainment package consists of:

  • 35 Minutes of Amazing Magical Feats: Truly awesome magic that has everyone wondering how?
  • Hilarious Audience Participation: You know that children don't want to just sit and watch a show, they like to be involved and interact.  Ricky Magic guarantees more audience participation than any other entertainer.
  • Funny Puppetry: The children will go crazy when my funny puppets whisper their funny occurrences
  • Music: You'll hear them singing along to make the magic happen.
  • Free Gifts: Yup!! everyone gets a prize to take home, everyone is a winner, and it's free!!


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Birthday child floating in midair

Favourite Kids Magician

 3. super-deluxe  party package $550 + HST

In addition to the above packages, this entertainment package consists of:

  • Birthday Child Floats in Midair: To make your child's b-day party extra especial and turn the birthday child in the real star of the show Ricky Magic, for the Grand Finale, will make your child float in mid air. Make sure you have your camera ready for this big illusion. Everyone will be talking about it and you'll become a hero to your child. The best birthday party ever. Guaranteed!
  • 8 FREE Magic Loot Bags:  You will receive 8 treat bags filled with magical toys. Kids love  Ricky's goody bags. Each one is packed nicely containing a Finger Trap, a Fortune Teller Fish, a Dragon Fly, a Magic Board, a Mystery Dollar with instructions for five magic tricks, a Coin Box, a magic trick where your child can make a coin vanish and some candy too.  Extra Loot Bags are available at $4.00 each
  • 60 Minutes of Amazing Magical Feats: Truly awesome magic that has everyone wondering how?
  • Easy Magic Kit for your child: This is the perfect magic kit for  the birthday child. With just a little practice the birthday child can easily perform such tricks as the Magic Ball & Vase, the Cut and Restored Rope, Easy Coin Magic with the Magic Coin Case, Spiked Coin, Obedient Ball, X-Ray Vision and more! It's Fun, Easy and Amazing.

 4. The whole Enchilada Party Package $800+ HST

Why not getting the Whole Enchilada? This is a Magic Class and Magic Show.  Recommended for children 7 years and older.
This is Ricky's latest program  "The Whole Enchilada"  kids, parents, teachers, libraries, and daycares are loving it. Guaranteed!
It's a 30-minute magic class presented right after the magic show so you'll have a total of 90 minutes of pure entertainment.

This is a hands-on magic workshop for kids and parents too. They will learn cool magic secrets that will get them very excited to go fool their friends and family.

Learning magic it’s a lot of fun. This will be an experience that kids will remember for a lifetime.
Magic is a fantastic tool to elevate children’s self esteem, improve self-confidence, oral communication, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills while having a great time.

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