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How much space do you need?   
Not much at all. For my equipment and props I need about a 3m X 3m area. Usually, your living room is a perfect place for this. Other than that, an area right in front of my performing area for the children to sit and enjoy the show is all that is needed. 

Top Do you need a table?  
No, I bring my own case that folds up into a table. 

Can you perform the show outdoors?   
Yes I can, providing the weather is decent. If the wind is blowing, that can be too much as some of my props are very light and will blow away. It's always safer to have it indoors plus there will be less distractions. 

Can we serve the kids food, snacks, and beverages during your show?   
I recommend serving treats & drinks before or after the show. It's a HUGE distraction for the kids. Not only eating the snack but then the serving of it and cleaning up that takes place. At this age, they need the least amount of distractions as possible. So I HIGHLY recommend NOT serving goodies during the performance (also because it's a show based on audience interaction and participation... I need their hands to be free...besides, it could turn messy). 

How much do you cost?  
I offer two different entertainment packages for your event. For complete details, including pricing, simply fill out this quick & easy form 

Top Do you require a deposit?   
Absolutely not! You don't pay until the day of your event. I accept cash, credit cards and cheque, eTransfer, whatever is easier for you. 

Is the show clean and age appropriate?  
Yes! I take pride in that my show is specifically geared towards children ages 4-8. Most magicians don't have an age specific show. I specialize in entertaining children with clean and fun magic. 

Say I schedule Ricky Magic’s show at 11:00 AM, what time should I have the children arrive?   
A good general rule of thumb is to allow at least a 15-minute window for the children to arrive, so we would suggest the party start at 10:30 or 10:45. Please do not book the show for the same time you tell the kids to arrive. Ricky Magic has multiple shows each day and wants your children to have the full experience; however, he will need to finish on time. 

I'm celebrating more than one child's birthday, can you still entertain at our party?   
Yes! I then have all of the b-day children be the stars of the show. Everything else is the same except we have a few more lucky participants at no extra charge! 

Do you know of any sources for birthday party goodies like plates, napkins, hats, etc.?   
Yes! There is a great place called McCulloch's Costume & Party Supplies that gets nothing but rave revues from other moms. Check it out now! 

Can I videotape the show?   
Yes, feel free to videotape and take as many pictures you'd like, we do encourage you to videotape the children’s faces during the show. Now that is priceless footage! 

Why do the children need to sit on the floor? 
The children sitting on the floor provides a more intimate experience, better control and they will be able to see better since they will be looking up and not trying to see through the persons head in front of them. Plus, they wont be so far away from the action since chairs take up a tremendous amount of space. 

Can we give the loot bags to children under the age of 3?   
I can't control what happens after I leave the party but please don't give the loot bags to children under the age of the 3. There are small parts in there and I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also, please read above question. 

Do you have references?   
Yes I do have lots of references from parents, schools, daycares and corporate events that can speak about my show 

Do you offer any guarantee?   
Yes if you are not satisfied with my service you will not owe me a penny. In the 25 years that I have been performing no one has requested to get their money back.Back to Top

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